July 2, 2014

Swingset Chains

Blue flip-flops abandoned
Feet plunge into thick green grass
Cool and almost moist on skin

Toes dive in again


Grass left behind

Feeling the falling
Relishing it
Feeling the flying
Relishing it

June 8, 2014

Not By Sight

my uncorrected vision
An image I made for Steven a while back, in an attempt to demonstrate my uncorrected vision.

I was prescribed my first pair of glasses at the ripe age of nine. They were the thick kind that made my eyeballs appear incongruously tiny, even in comparison with my young face.

A year later, when I was ten, the optometrist prescribed hard contact lenses. He said they might help slow the rapid worsening of my nearsightedness. (He also told me not to read so much. Maybe if I’d listened to him back then, I wouldn’t have to rely so much on audiobooks now.)

April 12, 2014

Blog Disenchantment

I’m one of those millennials, a digital native who's been blogging and reading blogs since the year 2000. My generation is as comfortable with reading and writing online as other generations were with reading newspapers and keeping private diaries.

But I’m disenchanted with blogs in general, just now.

I follow blogs I love via feedly. Each morning I used to look forward to opening my blog feed and devouring new thoughts, new words and philosophies, new perspectives from others. By the time I'd closed the browser, I felt I’d had a friendly chat in which I was introduced to great new ideas that I could act upon or think critically about for the rest of the day.