July 17, 2015

Dear Aria

Dear Aria,

Now we wait just eight more weeks or so until we meet you. They seem like everlasting weeks when I think of how much I want to scoop you up into my arms. I know you are safest and happiest where you are now, but I’m feeling impatient to look into your eyes, kiss your tiny nose, caress the smooth underside of two little feet that have been nudging me so steadily.

Sometimes, though, I think about the future and already wish that whenever you feel sad, I could tuck you back into a hidden place, safe, warm, and very close to me. Out here in the big world, things can be lonely and scary and confusing. But there is so much love and joy and peace waiting for you, too.

You will find a mama and daddy who love you immensely. You will learn that, as deep as our love is for you, we loved each other first, before you joined us. You will hear the story of how God put the two of us together. By God's grace, you will never doubt that we will keep loving each other long after you’ve moved on. You can expect that in our home, we speak with kindness. We listen with compassion. We feel secure knowing that rifts are always short-lived; because we apologize, and we forgive. We find happiness by serving one another. We’d rather be together than apart, and we like being together at home. We value living simply and slowly. We love God in a way that shapes the words we speak, the songs we sing, the books we read.

Last night your Daddy read your first book to you, The Tale of Three Trees. I think you liked the ending, because you pumped your fists when each of the trees found their place in Jesus’ story. That is what we hope for you—that you grow up to treasure Jesus, to be used by Him, and to point others to Him.

His love for you is even bigger than ours. We'll tell you all about it, I promise. For now, just know you are being welcomed into so much love.

See you soon,


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