September 5, 2014

Whisper {Five Minute Friday}

I've been perusing Five Minute Friday posts by other brave writers for quite some time. I've always envied their boldness in pressing that "publish" button after just five minutes, just 300 seconds of typing on an assigned topic. That seems almost an act of brashness to a girl who can spend days perfecting a post before even considering making it public, who hoards five times as much of her writing as she'll ever share.

But I have gained so much from reading the knee-jerk thoughts of others. Their unedited paragraphs have challenged, encouraged, impressed. At last, they have prompted me to take up the challenge and just write. So today I do.

The prompt:

The still, small voice. The one you strain to hear when all the world is yelling. The one you’ll miss if you’re not listening.

The voice that can take a room of noisy children from an uproar to silent curiosity. 

The voice of a mother passing words of affection—or perhaps words of admonition— to the wiggly young girl sitting next to her on the church pew.

The voice of a lover, spoken so close to your ear you can feel the breath, the sound waves.

The voice of God swirling from pages of black and white and red, rising in the quietest of moments when you pause to be still and know, pricking your spirit to smile at that stranger and ask how she is.

More powerful than a shout. More urgent than a scream. More compelling than a text message in all caps.

He whispers, and I only hear it when my soul is quiet. When my soul is at rest, trusting Him.


  1. So sweet, Marissa. We hear when we are quiet. And that's the challenge. How to be quiet in a world of noise?

  2. What a beautiful post. Oh, I do know what you mean about hoarding more of your written work than you will ever share. Thanks for being brave today. ~Leigha dropping by from fmf

  3. Marissa, I am also new to the Five Minute Friday's. Well, Six Minute Saturday's if you count that I posted today! Your blog is beautiful and your words are beautiful! Glad I found you!

  4. Beautiful words, Marissa! I'm so glad you're part of the FMF community now...yup, you'll fit in nicely! :D Can't wait to keep reading your words!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful. And well done for featured post!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words and for reading!

  7. Ahhhh.. Loved your post and I love that Kate is featuring it! Welcome to FMF and I look forward to stopping by again! Keep writing!

  8. awesome. I love the whisper of the Lord.

  9. Beautiful!! And, welcome!!

    You're opening paragraph... oh, how I can relate... thanks for jumping in!!

  10. Loved your post, and love the look of your blog too.