September 6, 2012

A Cloth Update

We haven't bought paper towels or napkins in a long, long time.
We like it that way.

About four months ago, we switched over from paper napkins to cloth with no looking back. We haven't missed those paper products one bit. The switch to cloth napkins was the easiest change I've ever made in the name of frugality.

We love our napkins. They're pretty. They're easy to use. They get the job done. They're saving us money. If you're into being green, they're that too. They don't require any more effort or expense to toss into a normal load of laundry than paper napkins require to toss into the garbage.

Unless decent cleanliness requires otherwise, I wash my napkin about twice per week, since I'm home for three meals a day. My husband's gets washed once per week, since he doesn't use his as often. When not in use, the napkins tuck neatly into a pretty little basket in the middle of our table.

If you're interested at all in moving toward a more frugal, less consumerized household, I suggest making the cloth switch as an easy first step.

We are both hooked, and we don't plan on going back to paper, ever.

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