October 8, 2014

Say {31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes}

I don't usually say much.

For as long as I remember, I've been told I should talk more, say what I'm thinking, "be more outgoing." I know I need to reach out more. I work on it.

I'm under no illusions of being special. Multitudes of folks out there were made by the Creator with similar quiet ways, Andrews in a culture that favors Peters. So with writing as my medium of "saying," I have a few things to say about not saying much.

If I say little, it's not because I am afraid. It doesn't mean I don't like you. It certainly does not indicate unhappiness. It's because I'm thinking and learning and processing. It's because God designed me to take in the world gently, pondering in my heart what I haven't yet synthesized.

Maybe that's different from the way God made you. If so, I absolutely adore that fact, because I love to listen. I love to watch. I love people.

All my listening and watching and people-loving makes me good at praying for people. If I know you, I probably already pray for you in solitude. I will pray with you one-on-one in a heartbeat.

After we part ways I'll think of things I wish I had said. I'll write them in my journal, maybe text them to you.

But in a moment of interaction, if I say little, I'm probably being myself with you in the most real way.

This post is part of 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes, an exercise in writing a timed, prompted post every day during the month of October. For me, it's a challenge to move beyond prideful perfectionism, to write more freely, and to share more openly. 


  1. Marissa, I find it fascinating to see (or hear, rather) the different ways people interact verbally, based on how each individual listens and speaks. I like to listen, but it's a practice I have to work at sometimes, fighting the urge to interrupt with advice or a similar story.

    Sometimes I feel I'm bothering a friend or family member by rambling on and on about whatever I've been thinking, studying, or whatever happens to seem like pertinent information. In order to curb this, I've taken to writing and blogging. This at least seems to help me be more diligent in controlling my tongue.

    The funny thing is, I have more introverted tendencies, so I go long periods without talking at all and avoiding large groups and noisy conversations altogether! Perhaps the quiet times give me too much thinking time and the words need to spill out once I am around others.

    Anyway, there was one small example of my rambling. I actually wanted to simply say that I'm thankful for the friends I have who are happy to listen; we talkers need that sometimes. Thank you, too, for the sincerity of your writing here.


    1. Danielle,
      I thoroughly enjoyed your "ramblings" on your personality. (See, told you I love people and love to listen!)
      It fascinates me to observe our idiosyncrasies and just marvel at how God made each of us so unique.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!